There are always new apartment buildings springing up, but this Apartment is very different. It’s very definitely not a studio shoebox, with vast open-plan living space and a high-raftered ceiling, and despite having a bedroom, bathrooms, dining room and balcony, it is in fact better than a home: it’s a bar.

Many years ago there was an Apartment Bar under the Hannahs Factory in Leeds St, but The Apartment is an apparently unrelated place that has just opened in Allen St. The varying spaces promise to allow for different moods, from louche lounging to formalish dining to standing and shouting. The proximity to Courtenay Place threatens all but the last mode of drinking, but given a highly creditable Martini and some tasty snacks (chilly chilli roast almonds plus cheddar & caraway bread), this barfly thinks it could be just the place to set up home.