Remember the good time y’all had last year at the TAWAs? Sure, a lot of that was us up on stage, but also, it was the Klezmer Rebs, playing rollickingly good tunes. So we imagine you’d like to see them again, yes?

Good news, friends! They’re playing a gig next Friday July 30th at the Bath House, with Rodrigo Bros, The Charcoal White, Sam Manzanza Africa Rhythm Band, Rose’, Russell Self, Hannah Howes, oSka and more yet to confirm. The gig is to raise money for the Sea Sheppard and Pete Bethune. 

Come out and show your support for opposition to whaling.  All bands are donating their services and all proceeds go to the Sea Shepherd Society to help them continue their direct action against whalers in our oceans.

Yes, there are divided opinions on the Sea Sheppard’s techniques and Pete Bethune in particular. What’s not up for debate? How much fun it is to have a jolly good dance.