The recession may be grinding on, but it seems there are plenty of hospitality operators willing to take a bet on a new venture. In recent weeks, we’ve heard of the following (re-)openings and upcoming rumours:

  • Keenan’s (formerly New Orleans)
  • Wasabi Sushi (formerly Beaujolais)
  • Capri (formerly Koi)
  • Victorian Ale House (formerly Stanley Rd)
  • Ancestral (formerly United Video in Courtenay Pl)
  • Ozeki (brand new, on the corner of Tory St and Francis Pl)

The first three have already opened, with mixed results. Capri has had at least one very good review; Wasabi is part of the respected Kazu empire; and Keenan’s … not so much. If any of you have experiences to share about those, or juicy gossip to share about the others, let us know!