We offered to publish the answers from any candidates in the local body elections and Marcus Gangley who is standing in the Lambton Ward has stepped up.

1. You have 30 seconds to convince someone to come to Wellington.What’s your pitch?
Wellington has the excitement of a big city in a compact, walkable city full of passionate Wellingtonians who love making visitors welcome.
2. How do you think traffic flow to the hospital and airport could be improved?
Short-term: Bus priority lanes and better walking and cycling facilities to reduce car and bus usage.  Long-term: Light-rail
3. Where do you stand on the issue of opening up government data?
Government data should be released free of charge, using creative commons licences, with rare exceptions.
4. What plans have do you have to improve recycling/composting facilities?
We need some bottle recycling drops in the inner city and around the two universities. Should look at green waste recycling options for the suburbs.
5. What is your policy on street alcoholics?
We need wet houses, probably in the city. I don’t support liquor bans. They seem to be an ‘answer’ driven by the hopsitality industry.
6. Do you support pedestrianisation of the Golden Mile? Why/Why not?
Not exclusively. There needs to be some public transport also. We also need more cover along the Golden Mile to encourage walking.
7. What’s the last local market you went to? What did you buy?
The Willis St Market. Oranges (I love citrus).
8. Describe your bicycle, or your favourite bus route?
I walk. It’s faster than catching the bus.
9. When did you last use the library, a community centre, or a council-run sports facility?
This month I’ve been to the Central Library, Aro Community Centre, Brooklyn Community Centre and the new Crossways.
10. Would you welcome a central government driven "super-city"amalgamation of local authorities? If not, why not?
No. John Key let Rodney Hide loose on Auckland and we saw local concerns ignored so an unaccountable corporate model could be imposed. No thanks.
11. Do you think the council has a role in fostering community websites? If so, how?
As a minimum linking to community websites.  Possibly look at hosting, but not if it comes with a controlling attitude
12. Where do you stand on water privatisation, and why?
I am opposed to water privatisation in all its guises.  The economics are dubious and I’m concerned about loss of control.
13. What city overseas inspires your vision for Wellington? How?
DC does a great job of mixing culture and politics, but is a bit ‘imperial’. Minneapolis for its walkability, despite worse weather!
14. Is the concept of democratic representation important to you? How so?
Yes.  Debates about local government can become techocratic.  They should be about values and beliefs. We need passionate representatives, not just skilled administrators.
15. What do you think about community gardens on public land?
They’re a good idea. If there’s a community that’s going to put the work in the council should give them all the support it can.