We offered to publish the answers from any candidates in the local body elections and Mike Mellor who is standing in the Eastern Ward has stepped up.

1. You have 30 seconds to convince someone to come to Wellington. What’s your pitch?

A small and perfectly-formed walkable capital city – arts, culture, cuisine, sport, nature, sea, beaches…
2. How do you think traffic flow to the hospital and airport could be improved?
Now: bus priority with walking and cycling; future: light rail.
3. Where do you stand on the issue of opening up government data?
Make it public.
4. What plans have do you have to improve recycling/composting facilities?
Encourage initiatives like Target Sustainability http://www.targetsustainability.co.nz/ and TerraNova http://terranova.org.nz/, both in Christchurch; increase landfill charges so that recycling makes economic sense (and keep on top of illegal dumping).
5. What is your policy on street alcoholics?
Wet houses, not indiscriminate liquor bans.
6. Do you support pedestrianisation of the Golden Mile? Why/Why not?
With public transport and limited access for servicing, yes. The Golden Mile is the region’s busiest public transport route – and light rail and pedestrians mix perfectly.
7. What’s the last local market you went to? What did you buy?
In Dunedin – does Quilter’s Bookshop count?
8. Describe your bicycle, or your favourite bus route?
24 Miramar Heights, described by a visitor as the most scenic bus route in the world.
9. When did you last use the library, a community centre, or a council-run sports facility?
Library: today; community centre: last weekend.
10. Would you welcome a central government driven "super-city" amalgamation of local authorities?  If not, why not?
No – major and costly disruption for little (if any) benefit.
11. Do you think the council has a role in fostering community websites? If so, how? 
Yes, by using its considerable buying power to allow communities to piggy-back on its IT facilities.
12. Where do you stand on water privatisation, and why?
No – a public good.
13. What city overseas inspires your vision for Wellington? How?
Wellington is its own inspiration – but Lyon, Melbourne and San Francisco inspire, too.
14. Is the concept of democratic representation important to you?  How so?
Absolutely – no question.
15. What do you think about community gardens on public land?
Good idea.