Sam Broad MonstersWe don’t want to alarm you, but there are creatures living under your bed! You can see them lurking around in dark corners everywhere. They live in mutated cupboards and ancient stories. Don’t take a breath. They are here to stay…

From the artists that brought you ROBOTS in 2009, Run Amuck Collective is proud to present MONSTERS! For 3 weeks only, Wellington will have the unique opportunity to explore the wonderful world of monsters as never seen before. Artists from all over New Zealand will be transforming the basement rooms of Mygalaxi Gallery on Dixon St into an explosion of delicious beasties: from sculpted fantasies to scrap metal creatures Installations, paintings and sculptures will line the walls as each artist expresses their own creative vision. Ranging from the comical to the frightening, each fantasy is inspired by the artist’s own love affairs and fascinations with monsters, resulting in an eclectic mixture of madness. Hand holding may be required. Amuck Collective is a group of New Zealand based artists that have come together for the love of art, theatrics and cheeky pop culture. Roughly 20 artists strong and growing, each comes to the collective with a unique background and eclectic style.

From self-taught to intellectual, the artists have been challenged to create work for an annual exhibition themed around a keyword that invites exploration for the artist, but is completely accessible for an audience of all ages and walks of life. “Robots” was a popular theme last year, and was visited by over 2000 people in only five days.

The special media opening is Tuesday 5 October, 5:00pm. The exhibition runs until Friday 24 October at MYGALAXI Gallery, Basement, 39 Dixon Street, Wellington. For an exhibition preview, please see