The general election is only a few weeks away, but right now there’s another important vote happening. Yes, the vote on what sign will sit atop the Miramar Cutting.

There are three options:

  • The controversial and largely disliked “Wellywood” sign
  • “Wellington” written in a similar Hollywood sign style, but with the final letters being blow away.
  • And a taniwha eye, just to freak out passengers even more on those bumpy airport landings.

Over at Kiwiblog, David Farrar is suggesting a tactical vote. In order to ensure that the anti-Wellywood vote isn’t split he’s urging people to vote for the “Wellington” sign.

Head over to the DomPost to look at the three designs and cast your vote. This is important, guys.

And in case you were wondering what would happen if the “Wellywood” option wins, this video sent from the future reveals the shocking fate that awaits us: