Greater Wellington Regional Council and Wellington City Council have partnered with NZTA to investigate the public transport corridor that runs through the Wellington CBD, between the railway station and the regional hospital in Newtown. The study is reasonably comprehensive: instead of looking at quick fixes, it’s asking what we should be doing in the long run.

The first phase is a web-based survey that is set to finish Friday, November 18 – tomorrow. The survey asks how frequently services should operate and acceptable walking distances to bus stops, basically setting the requirements that a future transport network must adhere to, as well as how the service is currently used. A DomPost article has already outlined a summary of early results, but there’s still time to give your feedback.

For people who are interested in urban transport, there’s huge amounts of further reading. I’d suggest starting with Human Transit, a blog by Jarrett Walker, a public transport planning consultant who has recently been working with GWRC. Yes, there is a Wellington section in his blog.