We invited all candidates in Wellington electorates to contact us with their answers to fifteen crowdsourced questions. Answers are restricted to 30 words each, and we publish them exactly as we receive them.

  1. Who are you and what do you want?
    My name is Jonathan Fletcher, I’m honest, hardworking, compassionate and trustworthy. I’m a husband and father of three. I want to be the National Party MP for Rimutaka.
  2. You have 30 seconds to convince someone to come to Wellington. What’s your pitch? Best café’s in NZ, no traffic, friendly people, beautiful scenery… and that’s the Hutt Valley!
  3. Where do you stand on the issue of opening up government data?Absolutely, except where it isn’t in the wider interests of NZ either due to reasons of security or commercial sensitivity.
  4. Describe your bicycle, or your favourite bus route?I don’t have a bike, but my favourite train route is the Wairarapa Line to Wellington.
  5. When did you last use the library, a community centre, or a council-run sports facility?I signed the kids up to the Upper Hutt library a couple of weeks ago, used the Hapai Club a fortnight ago, and was at Hutt Rec yesterday with the…
  6. Would you welcome a central government driven “super-city” amalgamation of local authorities?No, it’s about cooperation, not amalgamation – it’s got to be driven by the people and at this stage the residents of the Hutt Valley generally don’t want to amalgamate.
  7. What city inspires your vision for Wellington? How?My vision for Wellington isn’t inspired by another city, it’s inspired by the potential I see in the Wellington region. The film industry, the café culture, the scenery, the events…
  8. Is the concept of democratic representation important to you? How so?It’s important because my grandfather and his generation risked their lives for it and it offers us self-determination, accountability and an opportunity to participate.
  9. What achievement for Wellington are you most proud of?Saving the Hobbit Movies. John Key’s leadership through that issue was something that NZ can be proud of. Labour’s policies will shut down the film industry in NZ.
  10. What role do you think central government should play in local roading/public transport issues?Central government’s role is to look at the wider network and strategy and make sure local roading decisions fit into that, funding is often an important part.
  11. How can we make Wellington more environmentally friendly?Education
  12. What will you do to ensure diverse representation on government issues?Listen to my constituents.
  13. What’s your personal history of living in Wellington?My employer moved my family and I here seven years ago for six months, we loved it so much we wouldn’t leave. We have lived in the CBD, Johnsonville, Brooklyn…
  14. What policy of your party do you think will have the most impact on Wellington?Balancing the books while controlling our debt – it gives our government and our economy options and the ability to look after our less-privileged.
  15. Do you genuinely believe you have a chance at winning the seat you’re contesting, or is this more of a party campaign?Yes we believe we have a great chance of winning Rimutaka. A vote for Jonathan Fletcher will give Rimutaka a strong voice in John Key’s National Government. Two ticks please.