Thread Theatre Company’s physical theatre work The Keepers  starts tomorrow night at BATS Theatre.   The story is that “two women inhabit an isolated lighthouse on a small rocky island in the middle of an ocean. One arrived by rowboat, unannounced and unexplained – the other seems to have been here forever. The women are both drawn to and repelled from the other. As the days roll by their identities become inexplicably intertwined, and the boundaries between the two become increasingly blurred. ” The devisers Julia Croft and Veronica Brady say it explores memory, love, loss, and how people hold onto, or let go of, things in their lives. It’s a piece that sounds intriguing as there isn’t a linear narrative, and much of the story is told through movement.  They are joined on stage by Claire Cowan who provides the soundscape. Apparently she plays unconventional instruments (a bucket, paper) alongside more traditional ones (cello, violin.) All three are clear about narrative in the piece but part of the fun for us as audience is that we don’t get to see all of it. Instead, we get to use our imaginations and fill in the story.

The work was designed to tour so the set is simple and minimalist. Items on stage have multiple functions. (That explains where the bucket comes from.) It’s intentionally ambiguous so the story can’t be fixed to a particular location or a particular time.

Thread Theatre want us to bring our own experiences and view of the world. If you have time after the show, they’d love to hear your interpretation.

  • The Keepers by Thread Theatre on at BATS Theatre, 19-29 September 2012.