There isn’t much of a description for this show on either the Fringe or the BATS website. It rather enigmatically says “”Fatu na toto” (The Planted Seeds).  Expressed through the Language of Siva Samoa. “The sand at our feet will remain, we take pride moving forward with every grain”.” Thankfully the programme explains that “A picture is painted of a migrant family living in suburbia and the contributing influences that affect the family and the impact that they have on the generation being raised in this environment.”  I think this is important because it shouldn’t be pigeonholed as a Samoan dance show. It’s stronger than that.

There are 14 in the cast plus a musician (guitar and percussion). Often there are eleven people on stage at the same time. It could feel crowded yet it describes community. Their movements are crisp and coordinated. We know that it has meaning because of the strength and concentration the performers are expending. The transition in emotions is skillfully presented. While the dance forms are based in traditional Samoan style they’ve played with them to embody a collective experience.

Their passion and professional attitude shines through. What a treat.

  • Fatu Na Toto by Le Moana Productions on at BATS Theatre, 18-22 February 2013.