This post is an introduction since the folks at Wellingtonista have kindly invited me to join their merry band (and I now have an unexpected day off since the office is closed).

So a little about me ….  I LOVE Wellington, food, events, eating experiences, movies, solo Saturday morning wanders, soaking up the city vibe, hanging out with friends, exploring, misty mornings, sunshine, the water….asleep yet?

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAI’m also a food tour guide for Zest Food Tours of New Zealand, a motorcyclist (road not track), I dabble in nutrition (including a blog of -hopefully – simple information and thoughts), have a Wellington eating blog (started as a repository for myself once upon a time), belong to the NZ Food Writers Guild (purely for interest) and work in the corporate world several days a week (to pay the bills!).

I live on the Terrace to enjoy the city and all its offerings with ease, and share all that with a hubby and several teenage step-kids who come and go.

On a fine summer’s day you might find me riding in the Wairarapa (if I haven’t managed to scam a few more days off for a longer ride), hosting guests around the city, soaking up the sun with a book, or wandering the waterfront.

On a moody winter’s day you might find me tucked up at a movie (yay for the International Film Festival about to begin!), reading the weekend paper at a café (or new Capital magazine just excitedly discovered) with
Tugboat custard donuthands firmly wrapped around a delicious hot drink, enjoying a stormy invigorating walk around the coast, or catching up with friends over lovely food and wines.

To leave you today, I figured I’d share my delicious Saturday morning snack at the Boat Café this weekend gone (before all the excitement), enjoyed while watching the misty morning slowly clearing away to reveal a brand new day…

Until next time.

HeatherC, foodiegemsofwellie