We’ve provided a set of questions for the mayoral and councillor candidates to answer. First 25 words to an answer get posted. Check our 2013 Election coverage for all responses as they come in.

Judith Aiken is a candidate for the Wellington Regional Council and the Capital and Coast District Health Board

1.What should be the city council’s role in helping homeless people and beggars?

Compassionately providing appropriate and affordable housing, experienced social workers to help them access financial and other entitlements, and ensure they are not harassed

2.What would you do to make Wellington more cycle and pedestrian friendly?

Have older citizens test-ride and walk roads to ensure they are hazard-free – if it works for them, it will work for everyone, including children

3. How do you think traffic flow to the hospital and airport should be improved?

Regulate single-occupant cars off key roads; implement bus rapid transit; NZTA-DHBs-councils  review impact of location of tertiary and other health services on transport demand

4. Does Wellington need to be more than just Weta and Government – what are Wellington’s strengths?

Potentially NZ’s knowledge-based research, evaluation and communication hub: maximising value of savvy, eclectic, healthy, eco-sensitive older population; big investment in young, creative, high…

5. What will I do to get more investment, businesses and business confidence in Wellington?

Eliminate avoidable diseases, poor schooling and bad urban design that, in parts of Porirua, Wellington, the Hutt, severely damage wellbeing and limit regional productive capacity

6. What does Wellington need more of and what does Wellington need less of?

More: business and institutions generate more effective incentives to keep young people’s creative, high tech, well-trained, eco-sensitive technical and trade skills here. Less…

7. What would your city [regional] council provide for children and young people?

Heavily subsidised local arrangements for low income households (including isolated elderly) to have  internet-connected computers; tuition and gear for creative and sports skills; child…

8.What steps would you take to encourage civic engagement?

Build the Children’s Citizenship Education trust centre (the “Kidzhotel”  proposal currently before the Wellington City Council) on Site 9 the waterfront  or nearby

9. My personal earthquake plan

Regularly replace water, batteries, books; refresh family plan; find a place where drop cover and hold is an accessible and realistic option; keep jandals handy

10.Why should we vote for you?

I can be trusted to actively protect and enhance our natural and social environments, support collaborative, cooperative and lawful governance, and be fiscally prudent.

11. Where can we find out more about what you stand for?

Candidate meetings; my leaflets; emailing or phoning to talk about your concerns; my Facebook; Vote.Co.NZ website; candidate booklet with your voting papers