We’ve got another response to our set of questions, fully limited to 25 words. Check out our 2013 election coverage for the growing list of candidate submissions. Read on for Peter Kennedy, candidate for the Eastern Ward.

1.     What should be the city council’s role in helping homeless people and beggars?

Working alongside social agencies to help provide better outcomes for people, regardless of their circumstances.  Lobbing Government for further funding for many of these agencies.

2.     What would you do to make Wellington more cycle and pedestrian friendly?

As redevelopments and up-grades occur, that’s when cyclelanes should be implemented.  More lighting, more signage, speed restrictions around schools and shopping areas. Driver education.

3.     How do you think traffic flow to the hospital and airport should be improved?

The Flyover should be built, a second Mt Victoria tunnel and the ‘highway’ to the Airport completed.  These will aid decongestion around the Basin Reserve.

4.     What are your views on the suggestion Wellington needs to be “more than just Weta and Government” – what do you think are Wellington’s strengths?

The strength of Wellington is in its people.  For any community to be successful, it needs diversity, and the respective strengths everyone brings with them.

5.     What will YOU do to get more investment, businesses, and business confidence in Wellington?

Engage with business owners, promote Wellington at home and abroad, and seek investment opportunities from those sources who want to invest in the City.

6.     What does Wellington need more of, and what does Wellington need less of?

Right now, it needs invigoration and a positive can-do attitude.  It needs less procrastination.  We need to learn to work together again.

7.     What would your city council provide for children and young people?

We need to look at what we charge children and our youth to use our amenities.  More facilities aimed at children, and our youth.

8.     What steps would you take to encourage civic engagement?

We need open democracy, open government. Everyone’s involvement in all factions of society should be welcome.  No one part of society should consider itself elitist.

9.     Tell us about your personal earthquake plan / What’s unusual about your earthquake kit?

Ours is a flexible plan.  We can’t guarantee where we will be when and if the big one hits.  Short-term, get to higher ground.

10.  Why should we vote for you?

I will represent you.  You are my priority.  Your vote is important.  For too long, the people of the East have lacked a genuine representation.

11.  Where can we find out more about what you stand for?

Ph. 970-7874.  Facebook  Peter Kennedy  vote.co.nz  Email:  peterkennedy21@gmail.com  Contact me, always happy to chat, got a problem, phone me.