Preview: Bubblelands by Renee Liang

by librarykris on October 12, 2015

A man in a pink crayfish costume meditates while a woman in a blue cod costume looks on. She is confused.A Bluecod has been in the tank of a Chinese restaurant for an indeterminate amount of time. She’s not sure how she got there or what life was like before the tank. Then a Crayfish arrives. He’s energetic and she starts to think about life again. Meanwhile there’s always the possibility that one of them will be taken away by the eager faces that look through the tank walls…
This will be the fourth play Renee Liang has had performed at BATS this year.  From a Chinese folktale relocated to Levin (The Two Farting Sisters) to an escapee grandmother visiting her family in New Zealand (Under the same moon) to an evocative story of a young woman living with cancer (The quiet room) her work has been consistently entertaining while exploring serious themes of family, love, belonging and self-determination. This absurdist comedy was inspired by Liang’s family’s love for fresh fish at restaurants. She started to think about the culinary habits of her culture and the choices we make about what we eat. Hweiling Ow and Benjamin Teh perform the play in puppet style costumes designed by Sarah Burren. Amanda Grace Leo directs.

  • Bubblelands by Renee Liang on at BATS Theatre 13-17 October 2015 ($10 Student Night on Wednesday)

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