This is an experimental spoken word/poetry event. James Nokise explores Captain James Cook’s voyage through the Pacific. It’s presented from several different points of view – Cook, his wife, an outside narrator. Some of the pieces are funny. Some are more reflective. Some, I think, are supposed to be funny, but we don’t laugh. There’s a strange echo about the words that’s more than the echo in the space. Something about the way poetry lights the dark behaviour that lies behind the descriptions; that shows several layers of meaning. Likewise some of the more affecting pieces don’t get applause. We’ve been emotionally moved and it feels inappropriate to break the spell. There are also poems by Pacific women interspersed through Nokise’s poems and reflections. I hear hisses of excitement from the audience at their names and resolve to look them up.

This is a koha test showing of a piece in development. A gentle yet firm reminder that colonisation is alive right now and it’s more complicated than brown and white.

Please note:  1 Clyde Quay Wharf is a warm and dusty venue. Bring water & appropriate meds. Bring some cash for the hat after the show. Get there early for a seat (otherwise you can sit on the floor or stand at the back.)