I’ve been on a reviewing spree this week, so I passed this one onto our lovely guest reviewer, who took up the mantle very well for his first time reviewing. Check out his piece below!

Hole is unbelievably charming.

The play itself is cleverly written, utilizing the charm of the characters to get important information across to the audience. And honestly, what a cast to get the lot across. Greenpeace, Pollution, O-Zone Girl, Speights, Romance, Cold. There’s lots to laugh through, in early awkward interactions, language, Belgian confused for French (and understandably so).

The staging was tight, nothing felt off or forced. All throughout I felt like I was witness to people existing and responding, never a choreographed piece. The given circumstances were never lost either, you ALWAYS felt like it was cold. Attention to detail was crisp. I was also thoroughly impressed with the intimacy coordination. There was a lot of great tension building throughout but this paid off the absolute most when it came to the intimate moments.

The relationships were incredible. Props to the entire cast, I was genuinely amazed throughout but Stevie Hancox-Monk blew my mind. I’ve never seen them so charming, so lovable. I laughed with them and felt their pain, they were so emotionally generous – I was spellbound. To add one more point, their French accent was very solid.

Elle Wootton’s drunk acting was by far the best I’ve ever seen. Knowing this is a feat even seasoned actors struggle to achieve, the believability of her character’s intoxication was a standout for me. So sick.

Lights (Isadora Lao) and sound (Phil Brownlee) were brilliant, complimentary to the world we were in and to the scene setting, alongside the projections layered on to the block set pieces. The use of the projections (designed by Rachel Neser) in general were a winner here; for scene, for story, for combining purposes with acting.  The set was simple and I never felt a need for more set. Used efficiently. Supply Boxes as boxes. Supply Boxes as chairs.

I was really pleased I got to see this show, I’m really stoked that I got the chance to be in the audience.


Hole is on at Circa Theatre until the 18th of December. Tickets are very limited due to distancing rules. Pick them up here