We need more shows like this.
The kind that effortlessly transports you to the same childlike sense of wonder, akin to the first time you are read what will become your favourite story.

And it is no coincidence that The Griegol, written by Hannah Smith and Ralph McCubbin Howell, revolves around the power of storytelling. In particular, storytelling that ignites imagination and can build a connection between a grandmother and child. The Griegol also depicts the processing of grief not just for children but for all people when a person special to them is no longer present.

This is my first time attending a ‘Trick of the Light’ show. The narrative devices used outside of dialogue to present the piece are incredible. In addition, every detail has been carefully considered, from an item of wardrobe to the timing of the sounds and composition of music played live by Tristan Carter.

The Griegol is about creating mood as much as it is, delighting our senses and asking us to join them in a world where shadow, puppetry, music and illustration become alive.

The directing by Hannah Smith and the acting were so good there was no need for dialogue or the usual devices of traditional theatre. This is why I felt that the closing song, while beautifully performed, was not necessary and somewhat moved me out of the immersive experience that is so beautifully curated.

The Greigol is the kind of play that will capture any audience, from experienced theatre-goers to first-timers. Everyone should see The Griegol. With the short run closing on Saturday, 19th of November, I suggest you book your tickets now.