Library Blog

photo of Wellington Central Library courtesy of TaniwhaWellington Library has gone and got itself a blog!

And it’s a good’un too. From latest releases and staff picks, and the occasional look at what’s popular amongst the patrons, such as the latest post: Evidence of Good Taste among Wellingtonians.

Wellingtonians, apparently, are a fairly literate and intelligent buch of readers, with Alain De Botton’s ‘Architecture of Happiness’, Irene Nemirovsky’s ‘Suite Francaise’ and ‘Hard way’ by Lee Child being the most sought-after items of the moment.

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[photo courtesy of Taniwha]


So, there I was, idly trying to export the old Wellingtonista blogspot entries across to our snappy new dot com address, and failing miserably.

I decided to call it a night, and switch the publishing target back to the wellingtonista blogspot address, as my co-contributors were doubtless champing at the bit to post their latest, insightful thoughts on our fair city onto the site.

But, upon toggling from the FTP publishing option back to the publish-to-blogspot option, something weird happened: “Sorry, this blog address is not available.”

Yes indeed, in the couple of hours I’d had the blogspot address offline, someone had come in and blognapped it, replacing our lovingly crafted site with a spamblog.


Anyway, this has but accelerated our site shifting plans, so, farewell blogspot, and hello

Those of you with RSS links shouldn’t have to change anything, but if you’ve got a link to us on your website, we’d appreciate it if you could update to the new dot com version of the address.