Anti-Fascist Protective Rampart

Our very own Anti-Fascist Protective Rampart has been up for months now, and remains as ugly as ever.

Looking south towards Friedrichstraße *cough* I mean Abel Smith Street:

… and north towards Ghuznee Street. In the distance, over the wall, we see the symbols of capitalism brazenly and proudly flaunted:

All we are really missing are some sentry towers, razor wire, and anti-personnel mines. Somebody really needs to finish this damn “bypass” already.

Bypass surgery complete. Has the patient survived?

At last, the final stage of the bypass has been opened, and the decades-long drama is drawing to an end. The DomPost reports…

At 6am yesterday, southbound traffic was directed from The Terrace Tunnel onto a one-way Vivian St via a new off-ramp.

At the same time, Buller and Ghuznee streets reverted to two-way streets.

Transit New Zealand project manager Jonnette Adams said some motorists had teething problems with the new layout, but were mostly courteous to each other. Some “tweaking” of intersection lights helped alleviate congestion on other routes linking with the bypass.

A team of engineers would be on hand today to make sure things ran smoothly, Ms Adams said.

Transit opened the northbound section of the bypass in December.

Meanwhile, frustrated Wellingtonians are turning to the Web to vent their anger at delays caused by the region’s transport infrastructure.

Aha! Haven’t they just.

So, how was it for you?