Turning Chinese

Longxiang Restaurant, on Dixon St opposite the cowboy (or where the Cowboy was), came highly recommended to me. The lovely Miss Fur eats her lunch there on a frequent basis (hey stalkers, she’s single!), and my father has told me a couple of times about how he took a couple of visiting Chinese dignitaries for dinner there and they returned three times during their visit, (having decided another Chinese restaurant they went to was rubbish).

And if real Chinese people from China like it, it must be good, authentic, and tasty, right? I decided to test it out for myself, having previously only tried takeaways that suffered from long delays before we got to eat them, which is hardly a sporting chance.

So after the Beckon VIP night, I grabbed my constant restaurant buddy/sister Karen, as well as the Wellingtonista’s Hadyn and the delightful Amy and set out to give it a go.

Review after the jump.