The power of Voodoo (who do?)

When we talked about the Rapture, we mentioned Voodoo Restaurant on Manners Street in brief, but that really wasn’t enough. Seeing it’s got the Grabone treatment today (hurry! Only three hours left!), we do need to tell you just how damn delicious Voodoo is. In the wacked out Disneyland atmosphere of the old Harem,¬†Voodoo¬†is trying […]

Steak frites: does what it says on the box

If you’re after a classic and hearty meal, then we heartily recommend you hoof it to Le Metropolitan on Cuba Street. In fact, we suggest you go there on Monday March 14 especially when they’re having a fundraiser for Christchurch. How about I tell you about the dinner I had there recently in order to […]

An Email Conversation About Restaurants

although, I probably won't be having the crabFellow Wellingtonistas, I am taking my in-laws out for dinner tonight. Any recommendations on a nice restaurant that isn’t The White House, Logan Brown, Il Casino, Boulot or Chow? Quiet ambience a definite plus.

I’m a big fan of Maria Pia’s. Excellent food; the service is ok to good (provided by the family, so that you know what to expect)… but maybe not hugely quiet.

In the same geographic and gastronomic area as Maria Pia’s is Francois. Nice, small and French. Try the snails.

If you’re after something at the level of The White House, Logan Brown or Il Casino, then try Citron or Martin Bosley at the Yacht Club. Definitely some of the most amazing food in the city, and quiet too. Also, while I haven’t been to Bisque at the Bolton Hotel, I’ve heard consistently great things about it.

It’s not quite so quiet, but Zibibbo is always good. Adam Newell’s one of only two Michelin-starred chefs in NZ, and more importantly, they do pizza! If the in-laws are partial to a bit of cow flesh, then I’ve heard that Crazy Horse is the place to go.

And I can heartily second the recommendation of Maria Pia’s, but it might be rather short notice.

thanks all – the Yacht Club gets the nod. Although good to have those others in reserve for future occasions…

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