The Southward Car Museum

Looking for something to do with all these loooong, sunny days we’re having? Let me recommend a trip to the Southward Car Museum, just north of Paraparaumu.

Driving into the carpark you feel like you’ve spent back in time – to the 1960s. The building is fantastic, a large concrete bunker. The grounds are carefully manicured, with beds of marigolds. Take your old Tupperware picnic set and relive a simpler time.

Walking in, there is a 1960s Ferrari on a rotating plinthe, and a gorgeous Mercedes sports car. You can’t help but play “which car would you take home” – except by the time you leave it is “which dozen cars, planes, and bikes would you take home”.

Entry is $10 for adults, $3 for children (5-15), and pre-schoolers are free.