Wellington Airport has actually listened to the massive public opposition to the Wellywood sign (and potential legal troubles from Hollywood) and have ditched the idea.

Thank God for that.

Stuff reports

Wellington Airport has backed down from a proposal to erect a "Wellywood" sign and is asking the public for alternative ideas.

… [O]pposition from the public – and a possible legal stoush after Hollywood lawyers said it would be a trademark violation – led to a change of plans.

Wellington Airport chief executive Steve Fitzgerald today invited alternative ideas for "a sign celebrating the global success of Wellington’s film industry" to be submitted via Facebook.

The question now is whereabouts on Facebook do we leave our ideas? There’s nothing for Wellington Airport, so we’re just left with the "Hey, let’s NOT have a "WELLYWOOD" sign in Wellington" group, and the slightly strange "Support Wellywood" page.

Let’s hope that whatever they come up with to grace the Miramar hills is something we’ll love.

UPDATE: The Facebook page for Wellington International Airport has appeared. Have at it!