Remember when Wellington Airport, after the howls of protest and outright mockery, backed off on its cringe-inducing Wellywood sign idea and promised to go away and think of something better to celebrate our film industry?

Well, they’ve had a good, long think about it, and this morning’s paper announces that they’ve come up with a brilliant idea:

A Wellywood sign.

Maybe we can all move to New Plymouth. We hear it’s nice.

As a side note, it’s particularly distressing to see Celia Wade-Brown admitting her total powerlessness:

Wellington Mayor Celia Wade-Brown said yesterday that she did not support a sign of any kind. “There are much more important ways to promote the film industry, and creative digital, than with a sign. But the airport did do a good job to see if there were other phrases that were an improvement.”

We’re going to have to take your “Best Thing About Wellington” Honourable Mention away from you at this rate, Celia.