Our tweets from the Hashigo Zake debate

by keith September 19, 2013

We were there, and we were live-tweeting furiously. Below the fold you’ll find a Storify of our tweets, with some extra notes and comments.

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Another season, another reason for making coffee

by keith March 19, 2012

How hard can it be to make a really good cup of coffee? The correct answer, as any Wellingtonian knows, is “Really bloody hard!” A good barista is a thing to be cherished, and the best of the best come together every year for the Huhtamaki New Zealand Barista Championship to show off their skills […]

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Overpass My Ass

by keith July 5, 2011

We’re sorry it’s taken the Wellingtonista so long to weigh in on The Overpass. If truth be told we’ve all been kind of dumbfounded by the horror of it all. We’ll have more on the whole thing soon, but if you’re as appalled as we are (and if you aren’t, you might want to read […]

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Oh god no

by keith May 21, 2011

Remember when Wellington Airport, after the howls of protest and outright mockery, backed off on its cringe-inducing Wellywood sign idea and promised to go away and think of something better to celebrate our film industry? Well, they’ve had a good, long think about it, and this morning’s paper announces that they’ve come up with a […]

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Grey paint and padlocks

by keith March 28, 2011

There was a photo in last Tuesday’s Dom Post of a paintbrush-toting chap in bright orange. Council employees wearing high-vis vests in the paper almost never means something good, and on reading the associated story* this was no exception: Wellington City Council workers yesterday started removing graffiti in a lane that links Ghuznee St with […]

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Craft Beer for Japan

by keith March 16, 2011

To raise funds in the wake of the diaster in Japan, Hashigo Zake is holding a tasting of Japanese craft beer on Thursday 24th March at 6:30pm. All proceeds will be donated to the Japanese Red Cross. The tasting will feature Tokyo beer writer Rei Murakami, who will be bringing beer from breweries Baeren and […]

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TAWA5: The Winners!

by keith December 3, 2010

So, we’re still partying at Mighty Mighty right now. Tom’s probably on his seventy-fifth martini, Martha is telling us all how much she loves us, and Jo is probably trying to cause a boobquake all by herself, but we figured we’d come back from the future to tell you all who the winners on the […]

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Pardon our dust

by keith October 11, 2010

We’ve got the movers in at Wellingtonista Towers. Please bear with us while we get things straightened out.

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40 votes: now what?

by keith October 9, 2010

So after an intensely frustrating day for local politics anoraks, as every other city got to find out who its mayor was going to be, the preliminary Wellington results have been announced, and we have…


…no winner?


With all the other candidates knocked out and their preferences redistributed (this might be a good time to brush up on how STV works if you’ve forgotten) Kerry Prendergast is ahead of Celia Wade-Brown, 24,468 votes to 24,428.


Yes, that’s a 40-vote gap. And what’s more—all the votes haven’t actually been counted yet. Say what?


Update: The preliminary results are now up on and the City Council website. And we’ve added a roundup of the council results down the bottom.

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