My personal Wellington highlights of 2011

We didn’t have the TAWAs this year, but lots of awesomeness still took place. Here’s a very self-indulgent look at what I particularly loved and didn’t – hopefully other Wellingtonistas will add their own posts too.

TAWA6: not this year

Let’s get the bad news out of the way quickly: we’re not going to be able to bring you the The Annual Wellingtonista Awards this year. This makes us sad. But December is always a damned awkward month, and collectively this year we’re short of sort of available time required in abundance to get the […]

The TAWAs are coming!

Grab yourself a great big vivid and mark off December 8 as the day of The Sixth Annual Wellingtonista Awards. Now go ahead and scribble out the day after as well, as you will be too partied out to do anything then. Obviously, we’re quiet because we have all kinds of plans afoot, but for […]

The carrots! They are mobbing!

Conscious Consumers is organising New Zealand’s first Carrotmob.The basic idea of a Carrotmob is to organise consumers to shop at a particular business, if that business pledges to use the money to adopt more environmentally and socially responsible practices.  The business that wins the ‘mob’ of consumers is the one that pledges to use the […]

TAWA5: The Winners!

So, we’re still partying at Mighty Mighty right now. Tom’s probably on his seventy-fifth martini, Martha is telling us all how much she loves us, and Jo is probably trying to cause a boobquake all by herself, but we figured we’d come back from the future to tell you all who the winners on the […]

Voting is closed, time to party!

Well congratulations Wellingtonians & wannabes, even with a shorter voting period we saw a record number of votes for the fifth The Annual Wellingtonista Awards. Now that voting is closed, let’s pay attention to tomorrow night. OMG, what are you going to wear? Here’s what’s going to happen on the night tomorrow, December 3rd. The […]

Voting is now open in fifth annual Wellingtonista Awards

We’re exhausted from a mammoth day of posting all the nominations (bloody good work, team!) so we just wanted to let you know that voting is now open. Go read our sticky post for links to all our nominations, and make sure you check them out before you cast your votes. Then we’ll see you […]

TAWA5 Best Thing in Wellington

This category is a bit of a mixed bag. It’s where we put things that we want to celebrate that didn’t seem to fit anywhere else, but that doesn’t mean these nominations are second thoughts. Indeed, they’re actually the some of the first things we think of when we try to define what makes Wellington […]


BYO restaurants to us are places where you can hold a large gathering, you can eat some tasty food, and if you don’t count the cost of your bottle, you can get totally stuffed for around $25. There are a million and one place with BYO licenses in Wellington, but these are the ones that […]

TAWA5 Best Drink in Town

Wellington is full of bars, and those bars are full of drinks (and drunks). But if you only want the very best in your mouth, this is what you’ll be ordering.