Well congratulations Wellingtonians & wannabes, even with a shorter voting period we saw a record number of votes for the fifth The Annual Wellingtonista Awards. Now that voting is closed, let’s pay attention to tomorrow night. OMG, what are you going to wear?

Here’s what’s going to happen on the night tomorrow, December 3rd.

  1. The Awards will be held at Mighty Mighty, as always. You can get there any time you like, but from 6.30pm we’ll start charging $5 on the door. Getting there early doesn’t mean you won’t have to pay, it just means you’re more likely to get a seat. We’re pretty popular and cool, you know. Plus, paying means you get a ticket to go into the draw to win all kinds of amazing prizes that I will expand on later in this post. And you can capture the night in the Amazing Traveling Photobooth!
  2. Awards will start around 7pm. Winners get beautiful trophies from the fabulous Ponoko.
  3. After the awards, around 8.45pmish, we’re going to have a DJ performance by Dan Untitled.

    Dan James has played in various guises over the years.  His live audiovisual mashup project Anaesthesia Associates has played in NZ, London, Berlin and live online.  Copycat Crime was murdered mid-set at a party.  Elbow vs Knee made an album and then went on hiatus. Ubermahlung und Frottage is a new project in which he drops samples, scratches vinyl and plays bass all at the same time.

  4. After THAT, Mighty Mighty takes the party back over for the Stink Magnetic Sonic Werewolf Conference.  That’ll cost you another $5, but we reckon it’s going to be a howling good time.

So now let’s talk about prizes! Oh my goodness! Robyn said on Twitter that it’s like we’re Oprah, and that’s pretty much true. So here, in alphabetical order, let’s talk about the goodies we’re giving away. We are so happy with all the amazing businesses contributing to the night. These people are awesome and you should buy many many things from them.

So you’re coming to party with us, yes? Yay! And remember – we are very happy for you to buy us drinks. Cheers!