So, we’re still partying at Mighty Mighty right now. Tom’s probably on his seventy-fifth martini, Martha is telling us all how much she loves us, and Jo is probably trying to cause a boobquake all by herself, but we figured we’d come back from the future to tell you all who the winners on the night were!

Congratulations to everyone who was nominated, nice work to all 1,547 people who voted (including the one who voted four times for just one category—yes, we saw you!) and here you are, the very best things in Wellington:

  1. Best Café: Sweet Mother’s Kitchen
    • Honourable mention: Maranui Cafe
  2. Best BYO: Roxy Cafe
  3. Best Restaurant: Floriditas
  4. Best Drink in Town: Peanut butter milkshake at Sweet Mother’s Kitchen
  5. Best Late Night Experience: Mighty Mighty
  6. Best Service: Monterey
    • Honourable mention: Hashigo Zake
  7. Best Coffee: Peoples Coffee, Newtown
    • Honourable mention: Memphis Belle
  8. Best Regular Entertainment: ASB Gardens Magic
  9. Best Live Performance: Shihad performing Killjoy at SFBH
    • Honourable mention: The Thomas Oliver Band at SFBH
  10. Best Event: 2010 International Film Festival
  11. Best Outdoors Experience: Walking along the waterfront
  12. Best Suburban Destination: Chocolate Fish
    • Honourable mention: Monterey
  13. Best Art Experience: Brian Brake: Lens on the World at Te Papa
  14. Best Shopping Experience: Moore Wilsons Fresh
  15. Most Needed: More rooftop bars
  16. Most Missed: Cuba Street Carnival
  17. Best Contribution to the Internet by a Wellingtonian: Weird Wellington
  18. Best Thing About Wellington: The Waterfront
    • Honourable mention: Our new Mayor