We love this town. But, and we’d never admit this to anyone not-from-here, there are a few things that we could do with in Wellington. Here’s some of them:

More rooftop bars

Moon Bar at VertigoLet’s face it – the main drags are quite crowded now. We like bars that seem like they’re out of the way, but which are really easy to get it, and this means that we’re looking up at real estate – way up. Why can’t we get some sunshine, some fresh air and a new perspective on everything? Surely there are more rooftops in Wellington suitable for a bar than just the Wine Loft? Get your act together, hospitality owners, and we will pledge our support.

Real time bus information

“Better public transport” is a common reoccuring wish here at the Wellingtonista, so we decided to go for something more tangible, something that even Auckland has managed – real-time updates of when buses will arrive at each stop. Metlink keep saying it’s going to happen, but another year has passed and still no real-time bus info. And, no, tweeting about a cancelled bus after the fact is not a good substitute, Metlink!

A place to get donuts

Gordough's Big Fat DonutsFeck the cupcake, it’s so over. And the macaron is way too tiny to satisfy our sweet tooth. In this coffee town, we don’t understand why there are no donut shops. We’d even settle for a chain like Dunkin or Krispy, although we’re really yearning for something more alternative and slighty crazy, like Gordough’s Big Fat in Austin.

Some decent mac’n cheese in town

Mac'n'cheeseMonterey has a good one, but only on their winter menu, Sweet Mother’s Kitchen has a fancy version with truffle oil – although purists who like their mac’n cheese baked will be sorely disappointed with it, and New World has the greasy heatlamp variety. But won’t some cafe do a good hearty macaroni and cheese for those of us who are jonesing for the good stuff?

Public space to replace Manners Mall

/// PARIS /// the tuleries and carnival, with a statue stopping the ferris wheel.Manners Mall has turned back into Manners Street, and with it went a significant downtown public space. Council say Lower Cuba will be turned into a mixed-use street, but it’s currently threatening to turn into a glorified car park street like Blair and Allen. The space lost to Manners Mall needs to be replaced, else where will we spend our weekends spitting and smoking?