Given that Wellington is the web capital of New Zealand, it makes sense that it’s full of people doing awesome things with and for the web.

Photograph by Ian Robertson for Idealog Magazine

Natasha Lampard and Mike Brown
Conference organisers are not supposed to have cult followings of rabid fans, but Mike and Tash are no ordinary people, and the web presence that they create is no ordinary thing. From the ONYA Awards that recognise the best in websites, to their championing of Mix & Mash and open data, to the Webstock conference that makes us all better people, and the fun Webstock Mini events, a web without Webstock’s influence would be a terrible web indeed.

Weird in Wellington
The mysterious author of Weird in Wellington gets out and about with his iPhone and takes pictures of weird things on the streets of Wellington. They might be the sort of thing you or I might normally pass by, but WiW has an eye for the unusual, posting them on his Tumblr blog with a few choice words. A blog that both entertains and inspires.

Laura's blog header

Hungry and Frozen
Laura Vincent writes well about food, sharing her favourite recipes and places to eat. But she loves music and musicals too, mixing good nomz with good tunes.

Wallace Chapman’s Street and City Photos blog

Peter McLeavey, as photographed by Wallace

In Wellington every week for the taping of Back Benches, Wallace exercises his street photography skills, capturing life on Wellington’s streets.

Richard Maclean
Wait a second, we’re nominating a person who doesn’t have a website in this category? Darn right we are! Richard doesn’t have the easiest job in the world as a spokesperson for the Wellington City Council. What we admire about him is that instead of sitting back and occasionally issuing press releases, he very actively participates in the online world, coming to where the people are at to answer questions and clear up misconceptions, not just on the Wellingtonista but on other blogs as well. All public relations people should aspire to Richard’s open communication style, and he is the perfect example of You’re Doing It Right on the internet.