TAWA5: The Winners!

So, we’re still partying at Mighty Mighty right now. Tom’s probably on his seventy-fifth martini, Martha is telling us all how much she loves us, and Jo is probably trying to cause a boobquake all by herself, but we figured we’d come back from the future to tell you all who the winners on the […]

Awards results…

  • Best Drink in Town: Negroni at Hawthorn Lounge with mandarin-infused gin
  • Best Late-Night Venue: Mighty Mighty
  • Best Cheap Eats: Satay Kingdom
  • Best un-Cheap Eats: Matterhorn
  • Best Suburban Venue: Karori Wildlife Sanctuary – Karori
  • Best Breakfast: Epic
  • Best Local Coffee Beans: Mojo
  • Best Non-Drinking Venue: Wellington waterfront on a sunny week day
  • Best Apparel Store: Madame Fancy Pants
  • Best Shop: Unity Books
  • Best Building: Wellington Central Library
  • Best Cultural Venue: Film Archive
  • Best Public Space: The Botanic Gardens
  • Best Public Art: The installations along the way to the Airport
  • Most Needed: Light rail to the airport
  • Hottest Hospo of the Year: The staff at Mighty Mighty
  • Wellington Supervillain of the Year: Kerry Prenderghastly
  • Best 2007 Wellington-based Event: Cuba St Carnival
  • Best Dub Dub Dubber: “Cracker” – Damian Christie
  • Wellingtonian of the Year: Jemaine and Bret aka. Flight of the Conchords

Hearty congratulations to all our winners