Stuff, glorious stuff,  oh how we love to take you home with us.  These are the places we go to window lick, tire kick and buy, buy, buy.  Love your work, people.

Japan City
The former Hallensteins building on Cuba Mall has a cheerful new tenant.  Japan City is home to faux branded goods, homeware, and plenty of adorable culturally confused items.

Cultured Petone
Amazing cheeses from Cultured Petone
Wendy Adams escaped from the public service and is now providing a much better service – acting as a cheese pimp in Petone. Cultured Petone stocks all kinds of cheeses from boutique producers around New Zealand, as well as other edible goodies and cheese-related accouterments. You can get coffee, sandwiches and Rush Munro ice cream to eat in store, sign up for a cheese-making class or just marvel at Wendy’s magical enthusiasm and clear love of what she’s doing.

This mother and daughter run venture has been thriving since its move from Brooklyn to Victoria Street in central Welly. Stocked with cute frocks and other super girly clothes, Swonderful has their very own label, Papercup, to show off as well. They also have plenty of jewellery, stationery and the odd zine to fossick through.

Moore Wilson’s Fresh

Image from Wellington Daily Photo

Recently redeveloped to open it up to the “gentrified” College Street, Moore Wilson will overpower you with its glorious smell when you walk past – a mixture of fresh produce, cut flowers, fresh baked bread and the anticipation of all the glorious cheese and chocolate inside. Although we’re secretly a little sad you no longer need a club card to shop there, it’s a great place to load up on food, or to just pop into for a few things.

Madame Fancy Pants
Fancy as and consistently rated as a top shopping experience. MFP is chocka with the handmade and the bespoke, and the staff always make you feel just super when you drop buy for a browse. Songbird proprietress Claire Terry stocks the shop with her own jewellery between gigging around town and raising her fancy little man.
Love your work.