Things get a little different in town once the sun goes down. For many, including us, this is the best time of day. What do we do in the darkness? Well that would be telling, but these are the places you’ll find us.

Kaffee Eis – (Courtenay Place)
Open till 11am on weeknights and midnight on weekends, Kaffee Eis offers a popular alternative to coffee and dessert for local diners. Whether it’s frugality or just love of a good gelato, it’s a common sight to see Courtenay Place filled with late-night cone-lickers.

Mighty Mighty
What can we say about the magnificent Mighty that their pile of TAWAs from every year doesn’t already tell you? Eccentric, random and fun, there’s always something and someone shaking at Mighty, and if you need even more entertainment, try and figure out which Wellingtonistas wrote what graffiti in the bathrooms…

Mighty Mighty: Upstairs 104 Cuba Street


Either you’ve had a few too many delicious rum cocktails, or the wallpaper really is throbbing and coming alive. Despite its location on Courtenay Place, Hooch is generally full of the best kind of people – scallywags – and the staff make fabulous concoctions to put you in the most sociable of moods. Don’t be surprised to find people wearing horses’ heads or the bar staff in tutus. Just go with the flow.

Hooch: 46 Courtenay Place

Havana Bar
Open late for shaking it, Havana Bar can be a tight squeeze on the dance floor but sometimes getting up close and personal is just fine. They have a new tapas menu and a mock mojito that is a fav with those abstaining from the rum cocktails.

Havana Bar: 34 Wigan Street Te Aro

Hawthorn Lounge
A perfect place to frock up or get Chappish, the Hawthorn Lounge is an oasis of class surprisingly close to Courtenay. As long as you can handle your liquor like a grown-up, strut up the stairs, slide into a leather chair by the fire and get served by the MacKenzie brothers.
Marshmallows, poker, live piano, swingers and all kind of other late night action.

Hawthorne Lounge: 82 Tory Street Te Aro