We like to play games

You know how it goes – you have no food or booze in your home so you need to leave the house, so you text your friends to see if they want to meet you somewhere, and so they do, and you get food and you get booze, and that’s a good thing, but then […]

Webstock directions: rock out, tweet up

We’re not going to bother telling you about Webstock because a) you should already know all about it and b) there was only one ticket left as of this morning (although there are still tickets to the ONYAs available, so get on that. Instead, we’re going to tell you about two related events that we […]

TAWA5 Best Late Night Experience

Things get a little different in town once the sun goes down. For many, including us, this is the best time of day. What do we do in the darkness? Well that would be telling, but these are the places you’ll find us.

All about this year’s The Annual Wellingtonista Awards

Hello, my lovelies! For the fifth year in a row, it’s time for The Annual Wellingtonista Awards (#TAWA5). This post is your guide to everything TAWA-related. Time to get your vote on since VOTING IS NOW OPEN!

Jewels of Whitireia

On Thursday night the Annual 2010 Whitireia Student Contemporary Jewellery Auction will be held at Mighty Mighty with National Radio presenter Kim Hill controlling the hammer as auctioneer. Donated contemporary jewellery is being sent from all over New Zealand for the event including pieces from contemporary jewellery practitioners Peter Deckers, Matthew McIntyre Wilson and Owen […]

Mighty Mighty jobs for you bar tending types PLUS this weeks gigs

This via the Mighty Mighty Facebook group

Heya Kiddos!

Mighty Mighty is looking for part time glassies and bartenders, gotta cut the gravy. Contact us at mightymighty@xtra.co.nz or drop into the bar.

Also while I am at it 😀 Come pop in for some super times @ The Mighty 😀

A Word From El Capitain Richo and The Mighty Morphin Power Rangers!

They also give us the low down for the week ahead – read on …

Maximum Joy Number Two

Disk-jockeys Longboss and Name return to Mighty Mighty for another night of dizzy disco heat this Friday with MAXIMUM JOY #2.

MAXIMUM JOY!! is night to celebrate leftfield disco, Balearic soft rock, postpunk and electrofunk: music to boost your mind, ass and soul to cosmic new heights.

Through the year, Name and Longboss toil tirelessly to source the hottest, most bent-up byproducts of the disco era and today. Using extra sensory intelligence, they bring MAXIMUM JOY!! to Wellington.

MAXIMUM JOY NUMBER TWO: Friday 2 November at Mighty Mighty, 9pm till late. Dress to impress, not suppress…

Swiss on Wry – Saturday at Mighty Mighty

As the newest member of the glitterati set colloquially known as Los Wellingtonistas, I would like to draw readers’ collective attentions to one of this weekend’s musical highlights:
Lonesome Cowboy Wanderer Delaney Davidson, formerly of Switzerland (via Christchurch), returns to New Zealand to share his primitive rock ‘n roll folk with Wellington.
This Saturday night the Mighty Mighty hosts Delaney, his lapsteel, and his friends the Wrongdoings of Wellington County, and Wairarapa Wolfman Boss Christ.
Delaney was the NZ member of Pan-European cabaret noisenik folksters the Dead Brothers, once described as “more or less what’s left of a symphony orchestra after their car crashed”. The Wrongdoings are a twisted country foursome; and Boss Christ is a spectacular half-man, half-wolf, all-blues, primitive dynamo.
Saturday 26th October, 9pm at the Mighty Mighty
$10 entry

See you there!

Mighty Good Times

This newbie member of the Wellingtonista was beaten to punch when it came to reporting on the glad-wrapping record attempt at the Mighty Mighty. However I thought I would add my two cents worth about the night and the overall friendliness of the Mighty Mighty for the female solo traveler.

 First off, why was I heading into the night to be mummified in the first place? Well sometimes you have the kind of week where you wish that someone would render you mostly immobile by glad-wrapping your arms to the side of your body. While this does present technical difficulties when it comes to drinking beer, it does keep your hands off the keyboard for awhile! The experience reminded me somewhat of Tokyo morning rush hour trains, the term "sushi zume" packed like sushi seemed pretty apt as the final circular wrap was made around 41(?) people. The chances of being groped were about the same (you might be surprised how creative some people can be even with their hands firmly wrapped to themselves) but there were fewer suits and more hippies and smiles on this love train. Oh and free jagermeister.

A Mighty Mighty Mighty Weekend

Not only is The Mighty Mighty one of our favourite bars, what with its endearingly gauché fit out and entertainingly gauché barstaff and wot-not, but this weekend they host two very exciting (and very different!) gigs.

Mëstar are touring their recent album Shut The Squizwot Factories Down and on Friday night (the 20th) they play at Mighty Mighty with Hot Swiss Mistress:

(Sorry for the stink photo of the gig poster but it was the best I could do with my phone-camera on the way to work this morning.)

And then, on Saturday night (the 21st), at the starting time of 9pm is the avant-punk theatrics of Mr. Sterile Assembly, with Xenu and Thee Strapons: