This category is a bit of a mixed bag. It’s where we put things that we want to celebrate that didn’t seem to fit anywhere else, but that doesn’t mean these nominations are second thoughts. Indeed, they’re actually the some of the first things we think of when we try to define what makes Wellington so very special.

The new international airport terminal
“Waaah! It looks like a pumpkin.” Whereas most airports look (and act) like malls, our new one has an outside as well as an inside. Its bold new design acknowledges Wellingtonians just as much as it does visitors.

The return of the Maranui
It’s back! Our beloved cafe by the sea has risen like a phoenix from the ashes, and it’s better than ever, because while it was getting fixed, they managed to improve the accoustics so it’s not as loud. It’s still as hard to find a seat, and you may have a long wait for food from the kitchen – which they will always warn you about – but nevertheless, the service is lovely, the food glorious, and the way the community got involved with the restoration was truly heart-warming.

Our new mayor
We welcome our new Green overlord mayor Celia Wade-Brown. A quick and concise responder to questions posed by the Wellingtonista we wish Celia all the best living up to this nomination.  Ride on sister.

Image by Chris Bryant

The Waterfront

The Waterfront was the beginning of the City of Wellington, the edge across which the city was fed and grew on people and goods. We’ve always looked out across the water – we still do, but these days more for the view than the latest ship into port. And we’re pretty fanatical about it.

Conscious Consumers

Want to make sure you’re supporting the businesses that support the things you believe in, but don’t want to have to do the research yourself? That’s where Conscious Consumers come in.  Launched earlier this year, the conscious consumers cafe project awards badges to cafes that have demonstrated a commitment to socially and environmentally conscious business practices. They give out badges to businesses for fairtrade, for composting, for organic, for seasonal, for recycling, for supporting BYO cups, for being eco-friendly, free-range and for providing eco-packaging. It’s a not-for-profit charitable organisation, and they’re doing great work.