The TAWAs are coming!

by Joanna on October 14, 2011

Grab yourself a great big vivid and mark off December 8 as the day of The Sixth Annual Wellingtonista Awards. Now go ahead and scribble out the day after as well, as you will be too partied out to do anything then.

Obviously, we’re quiet because we have all kinds of plans afoot, but for now, we want your feedback!

What did you like about the awards last year? What didn’t you like? What categories must we keep? What categories should we scrap? What awards should we introduce? Tell us all your thoughts!

hungryandfrozen October 15, 2011 at 3:55 pm

What I liked: That I was nominated. The cool spot prizes. Meeting new people. The fact that the need for a good donut place was raised, I still stand by this.

What could be added/etc: Was thinking about wifi this morning – while cbdfree is fantastic I wish more cafes had wifi. Not sure if it comes under Most Needed or something else. Might be nice if the awards had second place or runner up, too – even just a certificate, to boost morale!

Possibly the “shopping experience” could be broadened a little – what about best opshop and/or second hand clothes shop? There must be a whole category’s worth of the latter on Cuba Street alone. Best record shop, best shop for lovers of food, that sort of thing…?

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