Sex drive is a new dramatic comedy from writers Lorae Parry and Pinky Agnew. It focuses on three women – Sylvie (Geraldine Brophy), Chrissy (Emman Kinane), and Dawn (Lyndee-Jane Rutherford) – and their quest to become independent women. The catalyst for their change from chicken factory workers to small business owners is a Lotto win…of $10,000.  They decide that amount of money should be invested rather than spent on holidays or cars (or drinks!). With a little help from Sylvie’s son Lance (Tim Spite, and a bit of opposition from their boss Gordy (also Tim Spite), and co-workers Lynette (Kate Harcourt) and Faye (Nikki MacDonnell), they try to make their dream come true.

Director Jane Waddell gets some excellent physical comedy moments from the cast. Particularly funny is the first entrance/exit of Lynette and Faye. It received laughter and applause on opening night. Lighting design (Ulli Briese) helps define the set – an enormous clinical space (designed by Andrew Foster.) Brophy, Kinane and Rutherford have an easy rapport going.  Spite works double duty as both the villian and love interest – a tricky balancing act at times.

I don’t think I’m in the demographic for this play.  Your mileage may vary – there were plenty of people who found it hilarious.  (Plus – if you’re curious about what show sponsors d.vice sell, there’s plenty of their product showcased on stage.)

  • Sex drive on at Circa Theatre to 12 November.