Wellington is full of bars, and those bars are full of drinks (and drunks). But if you only want the very best in your mouth, this is what you’ll be ordering.

G&T with Marmalade – Hooch

We’ve had several reader nominations for the hooch at Hooch, including their Bed of Roses as well as classics like Negronis, Dirty Martinis and their signature Rum Manhattans. But with summer coming up, it’s time to celebrate their refreshing combination of the two best things about breakfast: marmalade and gin.

Hooch: 46 Courtenay Place

Beer through the “Modus Hoperandus” – Malthouse

Taking perfectly good beer and infusing it at the last minute with coffee, mandarins or pears? Sacrilege! But even beer purists admit that using additional hops in this infernal machine can bring new dimensions to the flavour.

Malthouse: 48 Courtenay Place

Paper Bag Princess – Bettys

Since Betty arrived in town with her rakish disregard for punctuation, she has aimed to seduce Wellington cocktail lovers.

Pouring a Paperbag Princess, by Asiatic League

Her latest secret weapon involves multiple rums with berries, lime and ginger beer, all served in a brown paper bag to really impress people with your no-nonsense attitude to drinking. They may bring you two glasses for your $19, but you’re not going to want to share.

Bettys Function House & Bar: 32 Blair Street

Gingerbread Martini – Apartment Bar

Strictly speaking, a drink that involves anything other than Gin, Vermouth and olives is not a Martini. But if you forget the nomenclature, this is one cocktail that just makes you smile.

The Apartment: 25 Allen St

Peanut Butter Milkshake at Sweet Mother’s Kitchen

In our token nod to sobriety, we’re nominating a drink that divides opinions in the Wellingtonista (and not just because it’s non-alcoholic). The thought of this milkshake might creep you out, or it might make you salivate. If you have a peanut allergy, it just might kill you. But it’s a death worth dying, especially if you ask them to make it peanut butter AND caramel. Although we haven’t tried it, we think ordering two shots of rum on the side and stirring them through might make it even better…

Sweet Mother’s Kitchen: 5 Courtenay Place