Webstock 2014 Wednesday Warmup with the Wellingtonista and Web Drive

It’s that special time again! For the fifth year in a row, we’d like to invite you to come and have a drink with us before the Webstock conference. You know the deal with this by now – it’s not an official Webstock event but they like us, and it IS an official Wellingtonista event. […]

Fast, fresh, tasty and kind of awesome

On Thursday night, our old bowling league arch nemisisisis buddies ClickSuite  launched a new iPhone and iPad app called Fast, Fresh and Tasty. We went along because we were promised food and drink, and you know how good that is at getting us to leave our houses, but we were pleasantly surprised by the app itself. Fast, […]

WOP: Eating the other cheek

Miss Hungry & Frozen said the other day “I think cheeks are the new shanks”. Reading various Dine menus for Wellington on Plate, they are indeed everywhere. You won’t hear a complaint about that from me. Instead, you get to read about how I had beef cheeks for lunch and then dinner on Thursday. Atlanta […]

TAWA5 Best Drink in Town

Wellington is full of bars, and those bars are full of drinks (and drunks). But if you only want the very best in your mouth, this is what you’ll be ordering.