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What’s for lunch, Lower Lambton?

by Joanna on June 13, 2010 in Internet/Web

Because we are so almighty powerful and capacious, we’re frequently opening up branch outposts of the Wellingtonista Towers. Previously we’ve asked you what we should be eating for lunch in Molesworth, Mid Lambton and Mercer Street. Now we want to know what to eat in Lower Lambton. So far we’ve discovered good coffee and crazy-tall scones at Trade Kitchen, but mostly it seems like Wishbone is getting most of our money. Where can we pop out to in order to grab a quick sandwich? What hidden gems are in the area? Where should we avoid? Have at it in the comments.

Joanna McLeod

Joanna McLeod has started calling herself the Empress of the Internet because she can. As well as wrangling the other site contributors and Getting Shit Done, she likes to eat, drink and write in equal amounts. Yes, she would love to be invited along to your event in order to do those things. Joanna's also the best person to talk to if you're interested in advertising on the site.

  • pam

    I agree with Jimmy, Marion in Woodward Street has irresistibly divine sushi, buy before 1130 for the best selection.
    The Marion sandwiches are huge, need their clingwrap corsets just to contain the fillings..

    I also like the coffee – it’s not for asskick strength afficionados, but just right for me 🙂

  • Danielle

    There is a Kapai in Lambton Square which is always reliable for healthy stuff, and if you want to sit down with good pies, fish & chips and a milkshake there’s John’s Kitchen opposite Capital Office Supplies.

  • bond

    Marion?best go before 11.or the sushi gets a bit old and hard.

  • Wholly Whell, I forgot one!
    Wholly Bagels do a cracker roast beef, with everything, on a plain bagel, toasted, cut in half. A good square (round?) meal, and they provide newspapers to keep you “in-house” if you are flying solo. Don’t be frightened-off by the cashier service that makes you feel as if you’re at a large supermarket. The food is worth it and, once you get by the Arkwrights and their snapping mechanical responses, the staff are pretty good.

    But do bring along a good set of teeth to enjoy chewing the lip-smacking toasted bagel, it’s worth it. Flavoursome.

  • Jude’s Cafe down by the High Court opp. Parliament does the best bacon and egg sammie in the capital – the egg yolk is so mobile that it is still clucking – which can be a danger for messy eaters. But you need to get there before midday as they lose interest in customers about this time. Bizarre. Perhaps they just cater to insomniac judges overnight while we are sleeping?

    Concorde Patisserie on Lambton Quay is always appreciative of custom as you pay – a nice touch lost in most of our eateries now. [A hello and smile is their trademark even for us infrequent visitors.] The beef and potato roll (wrapped in a segment of baguette) is very tasty but manage the mayonnaise as you munch. Mince savouries are good too. Try the vegetarian croissant which has a generous slice of avocado.

    Roy Parsons coffee shop is a haven in hell. The nice music floats up onto the mezzanine floor and you can still smell the books while you meet or gossip. They even serve filter coffee for those of us who don’t need a “fix” at every turn. Their secret weapon is the fact that you can actually hear what your fellow guests are saying at the table and don’t leave feeling like you’ve been trying to have a conversation in a toilet bowl.

    Kapai on ground floor of Lambton Square have very tasty, healthy food but the staff can be detached. Takeaway recommended as this is another venue where you feel like you’ve had lunch in a concrete water tank, and your vocal chords think they’ve just been through “question and answer time.”

  • Ant

    Where is Marion on Woodward? I have gone up and down the street a few times and still couldn’t find it? Can only see Sushi Bi and Miso.

  • Eloise Page

    I’ve been this end of town for just over a year and have slowly, but surely, found a handful of places that I can actually eat relatively good food for $10 and under…

    Satay Me on Woodward St: a small handful of satays, a square or two of roti bread, a mound of rice and a serve of salad – $10
    Las Margaritas (either in Lambton Square or down near Mojo on the waterfront): $10 will get you a quessadilla, a burrito or a taco. The hot sauce alone is to die for!
    And, although it’s probably not considered ‘lower lamb’, Cupz on the Terrace does reasonably priced sandwiches and I can recommend their nachos – very good value…possibly even shareable!
    Next places I want to try are the $10 lunch special at Gather Cafe & Bar..have been there plenty times for a beer and gazed at the menu with intrigue…and the new place opened up beside Satay Me…
    Oh yeah – if you just fancy a dodgy old kebab, you can’t go past the place on Waring Taylor St…

  • Richie

    Aporo all the way, love their burgers. Good wholesome food & Great coffee !!!

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