Can you feel the excitement in the air? Hear the squeak of glasses being polished,Threadless packages being opened, plaid shirts being ironed and beards being fluffed? Next week, Wellington plays host to the greatest most awesome conference in the world. Fact!

We’ve already made some recommendations of things for Webstock attendees to do in Wellington, but in case you haven’t booked your hotel yet and want our suggestions: we love the baths and the food at Hippopotamus in the Museum Hotel, we’re baffled by the existence of a smoking floor and not impressed by the chocolate buffet & service at the Duxton, have had marvelous times in the pool at the CQ Hotel, and though it’s a little further away,  we liked the Travelodge just fine.

We also suggest that you pack a cardigan in your satchel for the conference, as often the air conditioning can be overly enthusiastic – and if it’s sunny, take sunglasses cos you’ll want to get some fresh air in Civic Square and that gets very bright. If it’s rainy, be careful on the treacherously slippery bricks of pavements everywhere.

Also! We wanna have a drink with you so we’re having the official Wellingtonista Unofficial Webstock Wednesday Warmup!  Just like last year, you can meet people in relaxed beer-friendly surroundings before the conference proper begins, and/or solidify friendships & contacts you’ve made during the workshops. Non-Webstock-attendees are welcome, but may feel quite sad that they’re missing out. This year we’ll be at the Fork and Brewer, upstairs in Bond Street, from 6pm on Wednesday February 15. Spot us by our Webstock satchels, probable iPhones and warm, welcoming smiles.

(This isn’t an official Webstock event, but they do like us, promise!)