We’ve provided a set of questions for the mayoral and councillor candidates to answer. First 25 words to an answer get posted. Check our 2013 Election coverage for all responses as they come in.

When we contacted candidates with our questions, we asked them to email a specific email address that all the ‘ista could access so that answers could be posted faster. This candidate didn’t use that email address. Hence the late posting.

Here’s Steve Preston who is running independently in Lambton Ward.

1. What should be the city council’s role in helping homeless people and beggars?

The Council should actively encourage and support social support initiatives that provide for constituents in the lower socio-economic sector of our local community.

2. What would you do to make Wellington more cycle and pedestrian friendly?

More and easier options for, and better quality of, public transport; Wider footpaths; more cycle lanes; and better education of motorists, cyclists and pedestrians.

3. How do you think traffic flow to the hospital and airport should be improved?

Increase bus priority, service and quality; make public transport easier; provide more alternative public transport opportunities; and, encourage higher utilisation of these options.

4. What are your views on the suggestion Wellington needs to be “more than just Weta and Government” – what do you think are Wellington’s strengths?

Wellington already is much more than that! Wellington, the city with a soul – the people, environment, and opportunities make Wellington the best city in NZ.

5. What will YOU do to get more investment, businesses, and business confidence in Wellington?

I strongly support the living wage concept; agree with airport extension plans in principle; and would proactively work to support growth in business opportunities.

6. What does Wellington need more of, and what does Wellington need less of?

Wellington needs more positive action and less wind and words. More focus on sustainability and social and environmental support and less divisiveness.

7. What would your city council provide for children and young people?

Stronger and more available library services; recreational facilities that encourage growth and development; wider options in community education; and, support of student/youth public transport fares.

8. What steps would you take to encourage civic engagement?

Provide more opportunities for people to feel heard and have their messages acted upon; develop a wider platform for community education and dissemination of information.

9. Tell us about your personal earthquake plan / What’s unusual about your earthquake kit?

I am well prepared with an earthquake kit which includes cat food for my cat… I believe that earthquake strengthening is a priority in Wellington.

10. Why should we vote for you?

I care about the city, people and environment and have the communication and leadership skills to ensure your voices aren’t just heard, but acted upon.

11. Where can we find out more about what you stand for?

Website: http://preston4lambton.co.nz
Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/preston4lambton
Twitter: http://twitter.com/Preston4Lambton
LinkedIn: http://nz.linkedin.com/pub/stephen-preston/22/a71/324