1. What should the council’s role be in creating affordable housing?

Streamline consenting process. Open up new land with available public transport links. Support public/private partnerships for new development. Support social housing

2. What one project for Wellington have you been most active on so far?

I brought my local community together in 2015 so that their voice was heard on medium density housing. Almost 500 submissions were made

3. What project do you plan to champion most if you win this position?

I will get the Council to work better with local communities so their voice is heard much earlier on.

4. What’s your opinion on the proposed new bus routes?

We need much more engagement by GWRC with impacted communities. WCC also needs to be more actively involved to ensure the best possible outcomes.

5. What’s your opinion on cycleways?

Continue to develop them as part of an integrated transport system (supporting further recreational use) and include local communities in the design process.

6. What’s your opinion on the airport extension?

Not the right time until it can be proven to be safe, economically viable, ecologically friendly and % contribution matches ownership.

7. Who is the biggest donator to your campaign?

The Calvert/Owens family

8. Which NZ politician do you most admire?

Paula Bennett for calling it was it is- a housing “crisis” (not a challenge) and consistently competent. Possible PM one day?

9. What do you think needs to happen to the Town Hall?

Get it operational asap, start appreciating it once again and earning income from it as a conference/concert venue

10. How long have you lived in the area you are standing for?

Nearly 16 years in the Onslow-Western ward along with my husband and our daughters. (Last 22 years in Wellington, prior to that Christchurch and UK)

11. What’s one thing from the 2013-2016 Council term you think was really great and why?

More people are now interested in who to vote for, more are vocal about they want the new council to do and more will vote.

12. What do you think of the Auckland Unitary Plan and what can Wellington learn from it?

Bite the bullet and get moving with developing a new comprehensive District Plan fit for the 21st century (not the 20th) before it’s too late.

13. What’s the biggest risk Wellington faces in the next ten years?

Earthquake, so we must keep a strong focus on preparedness

14. How will you work with the rest of the council to achieve the things you’re setting out to do?

Find out where there is common ground, get a shared vision, give a little, get agreement on a plan forward and regularly get together socially ‘

15. Who do you nominate for Wellingtonista Wellingtonian of the Year (assuming we run the TAWAs again)?

Helen Kelly-given what she is going through personally and to still strongly champion key issues for the country. Absolutely amazing determination.