We asked the questions, they answered.

1. What should the council’s role be in creating affordable housing?

Wellington City Council needs to work with developers to create more through a combination of intensification in our inner-city and opening land for development.

2. What one project for Wellington have you been most active on so far?

As a volunteer at Zealandia, I am proud to be working with members of the Wellington community to raise awareness around protecting NZ’s natural heritage.

3. What project do you plan to champion most if you win this position?

Overhaul the City Council’s communications and social media portfolio.
Eg, I want to see Social Media being used to increase engagement with our community

4. What’s your opinion on the proposed new bus routes?

While more bus frequency and easier to understand timetables is a big plus, I feel there are still some areas being underserviced, especially on weekends

5. What’s your opinion on Cycleways?

Cycling is an excellent activity for families, I am for the construction of Cycleways in Wellington, when they are built well.

6. What’s your opinion on the airport extension?

As it stands, I am opposed to the funding of the runway extension.

7. Who is the biggest donator to your campaign?

A number of restaurants and cafes have supported me with food and drink, especially coffee (which I have found to be the best donation).

8. Which NZ politician do you most admire?

Jacinda Ardern and Grant Robertson

9. What do you think needs to happen to the Town Hall?

A grand, beautiful building, such as the Town Hall, should never be left vacant and derelict. It must be reopened to the public ASAP.

10. How long have you lived in the area you are standing for?

I have been living in my current home now, in Mount Victoria, for two and a half years.

11. What’s one thing from the 2013-2016 Council term you think was really great and why?

The increasing of our international city partnerships and economic ties. For example, building closer trade relationships with cities such as Canberra and Xi’an.

12. What do you think of the Auckland Unitary Plan and what can Wellington learn from it?

I believe the Auckland Unitary plan to be an excellent idea for creating a cohesive growth plan across the entire metropolitan stretch of Auckland.

13. What’s the biggest risk Wellington faces in the next ten years?

The biggest issues which must be addressed in Wellington are our susceptibility to natural disasters and an increase in affordable housing.

14. How will you work with the rest of the council to achieve the things you’re setting out to do?

Working on Council is simply a case of putting aside the ego, taking into account everyone’s viewpoints, establishing compromise when necessary, and pushing through.

15. Who do you nominate for Wellingtonista Wellingtonian of the Year (assuming we run the TAWAs again)?

I would nominate Tash Keddy.
Wellington-born, Shorty actor currently holds an important place in normalising equality and raising understanding of Trans issues here in NZ.