Hey, did y’all know there’s an election coming up? Yes, there is! And once again, we want to provide you with some decent coverage of the issues we care about. Local body politics is IMPORTANT.

Once again, we’re asking candidates to contact us with the answers to the questions below. We’re doing things a little different this year, because we got tired of the games people played trying to play us to get their posts up first, or last so they’d be fresher in voters’ minds. Instead, we’re asking all candidates for all positions to email us. You have until 5pm Saturday 10 September to send the answers to these questions to info@wellingtonista.com, and then we’ll put up all the answers at the same time on September 12. As always, question replies are limited to 25 words. We will count and cut off if necessary. And don’t forget to tell us who you are and what you’re running for and where. We’re happy to take answers from the greater Wellington region for this, including the Wairarapa. All of these rules are set in stone but we are of course open to bribes for other things. Now get on with it!

  1. What should the council’s role be in creating affordable housing?
  2. What one project for Wellington have you been most active on so far?
  3. What project do you plan to champion most if you win this position?
  4. What’s your opinion on the proposed new bus routes?
  5. What’s your opinion on cycleways?
  6. What’s your opinion on the airport extension?
  7. Who is the biggest donator to your campaign?
  8. Which NZ politician do you most admire?
  9. What do you think needs to happen to the Town Hall?
  10. How long have you lived in the area you are standing for?
  11. What’s one thing from the 2013-2016 Council term you think was really great and why?
  12. What do you think of the Auckland Unitary Plan and what can Wellington learn from it?
  13. What’s the biggest risk Wellington faces in the next ten years?
  14. How will you work with the rest of the council to achieve the things you’re setting out to do?
  15. Who do you nominate for Wellingtonista Wellingtonian of the Year (assuming we run the TAWAs again)?