So said (words to that effect) Simon Morris on his National Radio movie programme about Bubba Ho-Tep.

I haven’t seen it yet, but I’ve read & heard quite a bit about it since its release in 2002. And now it’s coming soon, to the Paramount & Lighthouse Theatres. Hey... baby!

I’ve suggested to my wife on several occasions that we really must see this when it gets here. She always says “What’s it about again?” and I reply:

“An aging Elvis Presley & John F Kennedy battle an Egyptian mummy in the old people’s home they live in.” Around about here she interjects:

“No f*cking WAY!”

But no kidding, this movie has not had a single bad review. That I have seen anyway.

Bruce (the Evil Dead) Campbell apparently lays down the definitive Elvis portrayal on film. It goes like this: years ago, looking for some anonymous R&R;, he traded places with an Elvis impersonator for a spell. It’s the impersonator who deep fried peanut butter sandwiches, got fat & died in the Graceland can, dooming the real Elvis to the rest of his lfe in obscurity. Meanwhile, by chance, the very much alive JFK (Ossie Davis) has had his appearance changed by the CIA (he’s now black…) & is living in the very same retirement home as Presley.

And then there’s the Egyptian mummy… wearing a cowboy hat….

How could they go wrong with a plot like that?

So forget for a while, the dark & dismal goings on in a galaxy far, far away (keep an eye on that dodgy Senator guy & the Dark Lord of the Sith played by the same actor…I reckon there could be a connection there).

And go check out Bubba Ho-Tep when it gets here. The wife & I will be in the front row, opening night.