Nothing more than a Wellington observation really but have you noticed how all the “good” shops are on the left-hand side of the road.

“Good” being determined by those that have buckets of money to spend on the flashest shop fronts – nothing to do with the quality of service or products.

And of course “right” and “left” are subjective – depends which way you’re going.

Nevertheless, here are a few examples to try and get our slightly dodgy point across:

  • Dixon Street: Courtenay Place to Willis Street
  • Lambton Quay: Willis Street to parliament end
  • Courtenay Place: Molly’s down to The Embassy
  • Pipetea Quay – nearly all shopping on the one side of the road.

OK, OK we admit it we’re shoe-horning the argument into a “left/right” stance. But there’s definitely a one-sided view of many of the streets within Wellington.

We wonder how much, if any, difference there is in rent either side of the tracks. Here in Wellingtonist Towers we’re definitely on the cheaper side what with the ‘house of ill repute’ one side and the disused car yard on the other.

And a theory as to why. After much argument amongst the Wellingtonistas with only Natalie able to keep her voice below screaming volume (it’s hard to scream via a webcam) this was the result.

Everybody wants a view of the harbour.

Looking in since 1909If you imagine all the Wellington buildings are people then they’re all standing with their backs to the hills and staring out towards the harbour. If you’re standing in front of someone big then you’re told to squat down and look backwards.

Of course, for every theory there’s a fly in the ointment.
In this case the biggest fly in our theory is Kirks .. standing there, with it’s back to the harbour and not caring.