A very long menu at Long Bar

Over the past couple of months I have been reviewing Malaysian restaurants all around Wellington for Malaysia Kitchen (full disclosure – I got refunded some of the costs). It’s time to share the reviews! We made a booking at Long Bar because it was a Friday night, but given the restaurant’s Brandon Street location in Lambton Quarter […]

Eating outside my comfort box (heh)

Everyone knows that large corporations eat puppies, but what do the people who work for large corporations eat for lunch?

The Wellingtonista is closing down its Courtenay Place branch on Friday and is opening up in mid Lambton Quay instead. After a year and a half down this way, we’d just finally got the good people at Sahara Kebabs to know that we like just a few onions and garlic yoghurt, tahini and hot chilli on our (mixed vegetarian, mujaver and falafel only) kebabs. Where are we going to eat now?

Left or right

Nothing more than a Wellington observation really but have you noticed how all the “good” shops are on the left-hand side of the road. “Good” being determined by those that have buckets of money to spend on the flashest shop fronts – nothing to do with the quality of service or products. And of course […]