Everyone knows that large corporations eat puppies, but what do the people who work for large corporations eat for lunch?

The Wellingtonista is closing down its Courtenay Place branch on Friday and is opening up in mid Lambton Quay instead. After a year and a half down this way, we’d just finally got the good people at Sahara Kebabs to know that we like just a few onions and garlic yoghurt, tahini and hot chilli on our (mixed vegetarian, mujaver and falafel only) kebabs. Where are we going to eat now?

This is where you come in. Please give us suggestions as to good lunching locations on Lambton Quay and its surroundings, preferably for $10 and under, with both takeaway and cafes-with-magazines-to-read options. And where’s the best coffee at? And the best pub for after work drinks? And just so that we don’t end up total fatties (oh wait, too late), anyone got any gym recommendations in that area for non-eating lunchtimes?